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Government’s Online Divorce Service Launched

21st May, 2018

An online divorce service, which was tested during a pilot scheme, has now been rolled out across all of England and Wales from 1st May 2018. The online service offers prompts and guidance to assist people in completing their application for divorce, and uses clear, non-technical language. The whole process can be completed online, including payment and uploading supporting evidence.

Some straightforward divorces will lend themselves to using the new online divorce service, but if you are unsure about on what basis you would be entitled to a divorce or if there is a chance that your spouse will not agree to the divorce, then it is best to seek legal advice before trying to deal with the application yourself. If you want to avoid the stress of dealing with the divorce yourself, then we can deal with the whole process for you. Alternately, if want to use the online service, then we would be happy to review your application form before you submit it.

The government website states that before you apply for an online divorce you need to work out arrangements for the children, payment of child maintenance and also agree how to divide your money and property.  These can be complex matters and it is important that they are considered before starting your divorce application. Hendersons is a specialist family law firm and we can provide clear legal advice about your divorce options, as well as assisting with children and financial arrangements.  It is important to be aware that any financial agreement reached has to be formalised in a consent order of the court for future claims to be avoided.  Even if you don’t have any assets at the moment, it is essential to ensure that neither party can make a claim against the other in the future if this position should change.  The only way to achieve finality is to enter into a ‘walk-away’ agreement, approved by the court, otherwise potential claims remain “live” even after Decree Absolute of divorce is obtained.

At Hendersons we offer a free initial appointment so that you can obtain legal advice, consider your options and then decide whether to use the online divorce service.